My dear teachers: the beginning, the middle and no end to the studies…and still going on!

They were and still is part of my life as a student and made a huge difference in my life. I am forever thankfull to all the teachers I had, have and will have as long as I am here NOW!

pedro kupfer
Pedro Kupfer: Formação em Yoga, From 2001 until today, my studies of Yoga , Hatha, Vedanta, Pranayama, Meditation and Mantras.
gloria arieira
Gloria Arieira, Vedanta studies until today,
swami dayananda saraswati
Books from Swami Dayananda Saraswati :
Camila Reitz
Camila Reitz : Formação Intensiva, 2001 e 2003.
saraswati ragaswami
Saraswati Ragaswami,, Jan and Feb 2003, Mysore, India.
acharya venkatesha and acharye hema
Acharya Venkatesha and Acharye Hema, Jan and Feb 2003.

Workshops I organised in Rio de Janeiro with:

Camila Reitz,
Clayton Horton
Clayton Horton
michael gannon
Michael Gannon
David Lurey
David Lurey
Tim Feldman
Larry Shultz
Larry Shultz
Gustavo Ponce

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